9/11/17 Meeting Minutes

SEA PTA Meeting Minutes
Monday, September 11th, 2017 6-8pm
Recorded by Sandra Paddock, PTA Secretary

Welcome and Introductions

  • Adriane Heflin, PTA President, started the meeting and invited attendees to introduce themselves and share child(ren) who are at SEA.
  • Adriane Heflin gave a brief meeting introduction and highlighted
  • Membership and volunteering – You don’t need to be a PTA member to be involved in the PTA or volunteer for PTA-sponsored activities. The only difference between volunteers and members is that members can vote on PTA budget business.
  • Overview of meetings – PTA meets once per month during the school year. In future meetings we hope to incorporate guest speakers related to parenting and school topics. If you have ideas on topics or suggestions, please contact us.

Principal’s Report – Heather Hanson, Principal

  • MCA tests – We always have high goals and we are proud to announce that we improved our 3rd-5th grade combined scores on comprehension (+5%) and math (+8%), and our 5th grade science scores (82% total).
    • We had the highest MCA scores of all the district elementary schools.
    • The school board has asked our staff & some students to present tomorrow night’s meeting.
  • Fuel Play 60 – This is an NFL-supported site for families to sign on their own and keep track of exercise. We have a team at SEA 4th and 5th grade students this year to promote healthy eating and exercise.
    • We will be getting a grant of $10,000 from them this year. A student team will be tasks to determine how to spend — e.g. on health snacks, fitness equipment, or similar items.
    • There will be an assembly on Oct 10th at SEA to present the grant to SEA. Vikings players will be attending to present the grant.
  • T-shirts – Thanks to the PTA for the annual t-shirts. Our theme this year is “Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think”. T-shirts were distributed today (9/11) to all students.
  • Golden Valley Art & Music Festival – SEA will again walk in the parade. A sign-up form is on our Facebook page.
  • Kelly Drive Pumpkin Festival – This is not school or PTA sponsored, but run by the neighborhood. This year’s festival runs from 11am – 1pm October 7th (first Saturday of October), with the parade starting at 1pm.
  • Cara Rieckenberg, STEM Program Director, updated the PTA with the following items:
    • Social media account –  updates regularly with announcements. Below are currently active accounts:
    • Trout in the Classroom – We received a DNR grant for fishery education. Cara will be receiving 500 trout eggs this fall to use for classroom learning programs.
  • Kelly DeLaCruz, Vice Principal, update the PTA with the following items:
    • Benchmarking tests – SEA administers student assessments for reading and math twice a year. Goals are to see progress, what requires support, etc. Parents will receive this information at the first conferences in October.
    • District calendar for lunch – There was some confusion with lunch calendars and menus to follow, with construction limiting some of the kitchen capabilities at SEA. Going forward, use the district food calendar. Hot lunch is being served.

Treasurer Report – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

2017-2018 PTA Budget

Adriane presents the 2017-18 budget. Last year we raised over $40,000. Thanks to everyone who was part of that – it covers a lot of great events for SEA. Noted that there is a deficit in the budget of -$11,000 projected. This difference reflects the surplus collected from 2016-17 fundraising efforts.

A discussion of the budget was then undertaken:

  • Ongoing budget – Is this consistent with other years? Answer: Substantially this is the same budget and line items we had last year. Additions were made after review with SEA staff on their needs in curriculum support and project support.
  • How does someone add something to the budget – is it possible to add an item during the school year after budget is approved? Answer: Yes – it is possible. Adriane explained the procedure: a request can be made by the membership at any time. If the total cost is under $350, the board can approve it without a membership vote. If it is over $350, the budget item needs to be reviewed and voted on by the PTA Membership.
  • Jen Jamar motioned to approve the budget, Lindsay seconded. Passed by voice acclamation.

YTD Financial Report – July-August 2017 spending

  • Adriane Heflin presented the August Treasurer’s Report for the current year. This reflects spending by the PTA during July and August (over the summer).
  • Sandra Paddock moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report for August. Kara Gebhard seconded. Approved by acclimation.

SEA PTA 101 – Jen Jamar, PTA Vice President

Jen presents the PTA 101 information and highlighted some things for new and returning parents on how SEA works. Some highlights from the discussion:

  • The “free table” (shared food table) will be going away. Heather explained some policy changes, per district kitchen policy. To clarify, our school lunch will let kids go through the line for free to fruits and vegetables (unlimited servings).
  • Thursday folders: Electronic information from the SEA school staff
  • MyStop: Bus information. Password is on the portal, contact the office if you need help finding it.
  • SEA Car decals: The PTA will be selling car decals again this year. They will sell for $3/each and are available for purchase at this and all upcoming PTA meetings and events.

SEA Fun Run Update – Fun Run Committee (Teri and Angela)

Committee chairs: Angela Ducklinsky,  Julie Johnson, and Teri Hyrkas

  • Teri Hyrkas updated the membership on event organization. The event is on September 30th (less than 3 weeks away).  We are doing online fundraising again — encouraged to sign up students online (info sent home last week in student folders).
  • This is our first major fundraiser of the year. Incentives are in place for several levels:
    • Student – Top 3 get to pick someone to be for the day
    • Grade – Most grade earned a dance party
    • Class – Top class earns a movie party
    • SuperStar goal – students who reach this fundraising get photo posted in the entryway
    • School – If school raises $15,000 Principal Hanson will get covered with color!
  • Event highlights will include:
    • Color run – New this year — will be incorporating a color party after the fun run is complete. We have a new design this year, thanks to Mykl and Jen Jamar.
    • Golden Valley Lions club will be selling food items again.
    • Inflatables – will have 3 different ones this year.

President’s Report – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

PTA Membership & Communication

Our PTA goals for this year center around 3 themes:

  • Communication: How to find out more what’s going on with the PTA
    • Facebook: SEA and SEA Parents (private parent group, not affiliated with the PTA). We post on both.
    • Websites: We post to both sites
    • PTA email address: seaparentteacher@gmail.com
  • Documentation: Working on event guides for all committees this year. Make sure information and knowledge is kept year-over-year and new committee members have a good start.
  • Membership: We had a lot of committee chairs be an entire committee last year. We have a separate volunteer form for interest in committees — we want to work more as a committee of volunteers versus one person doing most of them.
    • Volunteer recruitment: Teri H. explains how we use signup.com for school & PTA volunteers recruitment. Teri uses a note & Facebook and websites to promote volunteer needs. We also make sure it comes out via an email from the school.

PTA Event Calendar

  • SEA calendar was distributed to the meeting attendees and detailed were reviewed. As usual, all PTA and school events are free. We don’t charge anyone to participate. We may put donation boxes out to raise additional funds and cover expenses, but will not charge admission fees.

Open Committee Chair Positions

Adriane Heflin reviewed the current committee chairs and open slots. We are looking for people to chair some events; if we don’t find chairs, we don’t have the events. For the larger ones, know that the board is here to help with the event planning and assist.

The following are the Committees that needed volunteers, along with individuals who volunteered to chair. See attached Committee Chair form for last names of volunteers.

  • Earth Day – Robyn Awend and Angela Dirks
  • Dance – Steph O’Reilly and Krystle Baso and Nissa Mollema
  • Special Person’s Breakfast – basically this is buying coffee – Kate Antonenko
  • Read-a-Thon – Meghan Touchet and Joy Wright  February event. A bigger event. Involves managing the Get Moving Crew fundraising site, and if we get our goal then work with Spring Fling committee to coordinate.
  • Dining Coordinator (Culver’s, etc.). Teri will do Culver’s. Others are OPEN
  • Activity Nights – similar but not food-related. Coach purse bingo, Paint Pub night, etc. OPEN
  • Spring Fling co-chairs – Involves a big raffle (gather donations) and volunteer coordination. Has a chair but needs a co-chair with Jen. Volunteers: Lori Baldwin, Nissa Mollema, others

2017-18 Fundraising Resource Guide

Adriane Heflin reviewed the fundraising resource guide for this year for PTA non-event fundraisers, and asked for help in spreading word on the programs with other SEA parents. The PTA will participate in a reduced number of “Clip and Save” programs. Adriane noted several programs the PTA previously participated in have ended, while other programs were not lucrative enough to justify volunteer time investment.

Our primary “Clip and Save” program this year is Boxtops. Our goal is 30,000 Boxtops; this will earn us $3,000. This is a significant contributor of the SEA budget. To publicize the program and keep energy up all year long.  There are incentive prizes for students and classrooms to encourage collection. The Boxtops committee chair is Kate Antonenko.

Adriane reviewed other non-event fundraising opportunities the PTA will participate in this year:

  • Shoparoo – download app, take pictures of receipts and earn dollars for SEA
  • Amazon Smile (smile.amazon.com) — Amazon donates 0.5% of all eligible purchases to SEA if the shopper choose the SEA PTA as their designated charity
  • Direct Donations – Direct PTA donations, including gifts via paycheck (United Way) and Give to the Max Day (November)
  • Recycling programs – SEA collects Terracycle for drink pouches, and Funding Factory for ink and toner. Leave in bins up in office (Cara R. runs these programs with students)
  • Food Perspectives – A local organization that solicits food testing volunteers. Volunteers can donate money earned back to the PTA.
  • Scholastic Book Warehouse Sales – December and January. Volunteer time at their warehouse, which helps us buy books for February I Love to Read Month and for the Media Center.

Spirit Wear

Jessica Ledoux gave an update on Spirit Wear sales. The PTA typically sells two rounds with a different mix of merchandise. Timing is fall and spring. This year we will be using Blue 84 as our Spirit Wear vendor. The marketing plan includes sending a flyer home in Thursday folders in about a week, in-school posters and email/FB announcements.

Inter-school Council

  • Adriane Heflin explains the the SEA PTA has been asked to designate and attendee to the Robbinsdale Inter-school Council. This is a district-wide council that provides an opportunity to network, share news and ideas, ask questions and understand current developments.
  • Jessica Ledoux confirmed that she attended the Council last year, and intended to continue into this year as the SEA representative. She added that other interested parents may be able to attend, and the ISC website confirmed that interested individuals are welcome to attend a meeting.
  • Meetings are from 9:30-11:30 first Wednesday of the month during the school year.
  • For more information: http://www.rdale.org/parents/committees/interschool_council___i_s_c_

Fall Pumpkin Drop and Fun Run and Valentine cookies

  • Heather Hanson — SEA is requesting the PTA for an alternative treat to cookies. In past years, the PTA has provided pumpkin (Fall Pumpkin Drop) and valentine cookies. There are concerns raised about cookies and allergies. Discussion confirmed the PTA is OK with moving away from food items, but will need to decide on a suitable substitute.
  • Group brainstormed some alternatives, including: pencils, mini painted pumpkins, make your own slime, multiple snack tables, healthy snacks/apples, etc.

Presentation of new SEA PTA Website – Jen Jamar, PTA Vice President

  • Redesigned site is being posted up next week. Some highlights:
    • Fundraising page – Single page to share with our current fundraising activities for sharing.
    • Calendar for community events – e.g. Spirit Day from the Student Council. Will try to add and maintain on the calendar
    • Committee info – Committee chairs and activities
    • PTA membership and volunteer forms available online

New Business/Open Discussion

  • Krystle Baso – Her children participated last year in a HyVee sponsored triathlon PInky Swear (fundraiser for childhood cancer). Looking for a table at the fun run for more information to share about this community event.
  • Angela Dirks– Golden Valley Arts and Music Festival. All-day event and extends beyond the parade Heather mentioned earlier. New this year: food trucks, laser show, literary salon, free books for kids, and chalk fest art!
  • Robyn Awend – Interested in starting a Junior Navigators club, gauging what the interest would be here at SEA. Motto: everyone is welcomed. Looking to collect information from people, and would like to keep this one on the table. Their national website is: https://navigatorsusa.org/





Next Meeting is October 17, 2017  6:00pm – 8:00pm.  Free Childcare is available!

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