Anti-Bullying Resources

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. As in past years, SEA will be joining other schools and organizations across the country to stop bullying by increasing awareness of the impact it has on our students and our communities.

To help support the school’s initiatives, we’ve put together some ideas for home discussion and other resources for families.


Home Discussion Prompts

  • Have you ever felt sad because you were left out? What can you do to help make sure others feel included?
  • What is an act of kindness? What are some of the acts of kindness we can do together?
  • What can you do if you see someone being bullied? When do you get a teacher or an adult?
  • How can we show our friends we support them?
  • Have you or a friend everĀ been bullied? What was like? What could we have done/do now to help?

Parent Resources

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