10/17/17 Meeting Minutes

SEA PTA Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, October 17th, 2017, 2017 6-8pm
Recorded by Sandra Paddock, PTA Secretary

Welcome and Introductions – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

  • Adriane Heflin, PTA President, started the meeting and invited attendees to introduce themselves and share child(ren) who are at SEA.

Principal’s Report – Heather Hanson, Principal

  • Fire prevention/safety week last week – GV fire dept came & did a fire drill with the students & staff.
  • We had a TV crew here on Monday (channel 12). Segment will be airing in the near future highlighting activities at SEA: coding & robotics, chicken coop, 4th grade field trip to Bassett Creek.
  • Thanks to the parents for conference attendance, to the WAY committee for organizing meals for the teachers and staff, and to the Book Fair.
  • The Vikings were here for the Fuel 360 grant presentation last Tuesday. We received $10,000 which will go towards healthy snacks and activities. There is a 5th/4th grader committee that will decide how to spend the grant. Once idea is to have more circuits for recess, where kids can earn tickets for completing and can turn tickets in at a “store” for healthy living. Part of the money will go towards nutrition. Another idea is to taste test vegetables or other healthy foods.
  • Pumpkin Drop & Anti-Bullying run is scheduled for 10/31.

Treasurer Report – Julie Johnson, PTA Treasurer

  • Reviewed the budget and expenses. Some highlights:
    • Section 1- fundraising: SEA Fall Fun Run raised over $13k, which is not included in the budget reporting this month (need to get online fundraising check).
    • Staff Support: $1295 is for the Mobi Max subscription. We got a schoolwise license to use. Staff use it for the curriculum. This is a new budget line for the PTA this year.
    • PTA membership forms – A reminder to complete membership registrations for this school year. You must be a member to vote on PTA business.

Committee Reports

SEA Fun Run Wrap up – Julie Johnson and Teri Hyrkas

  • Julie Johnson and Teri Hyrkas reported on the recent Fun Run. We raised over $13k, which is the most we’ve ever collected from a fundraiser.
  • First grade led the way in fundraising, with both the top class and the top fundraisers.
  • An email went home late last week listing all the fundraising winners. SuperStar goal achievers have their photos in the entryway of school.
  • Feedback for next year – if we can make forms simpler and easier to track would be helpful.

T-shirt, waiver and fundraising were all kind of separate and set pricing would also help streamline. Also generators were a bit noisy and it was hard to hear the speakers over them. Also there were concerns that the generators were too loud decibel-wise. Also maybe some additional fitness activities (jump rope and such) that were not just playing.

Fall Scholastic Book Fair Report – Tom Kintop

  • Tom Kintop reported on the book sale during conferences Estimated. gross sales were about


  • We have options for collecting our payment from Scholastic. If we take that in Scholastic Dollars we get 50% of our gross; if we take cash we get 25%. There is incentives to take it all Scholastic dollars as well. We can take it different in different book fairs. For this one, we will consider taking more Scholastic Dollars so we can fund I Love to Read Month book giveaways.
  • We will have two more: spring conferences and a one-day book fair with the Spring Fling. Teacher gift cards were $412 (plus a few unredeemed gift cards, which Tom will follow up with the teachers).
  • In the future we can consider pushing the online book sales. There is a component that can be used online, perhaps setting up a little kiosk. It’s the same amount for the online sales. Feedback from members was that the Scholastic site isn’t very user-friendly, so we will take a look at it. Another item for spring is that we’d like to influence inventory a bit more towards science-friendly titles.

WAY Committee – Sandra Paddock

  • Thanks to parent volunteers who volunteered and donated to teacher conferences this fall. Volunteer support was great and the staff really appreciated having hot meals at conferences.
  • Sandra will schedule an informal “way committee” meeting soon – hopefully by mid-November. The goal is to start planning the rest of the WAY year.

SEA Dance Update – Steph O’Reilly and Krystle Baso

  • Update on party planning given. A poll was done and the students voted on sports as a theme for the dance.
  • Stephanie has put together a flyer that will be distributed soon.
  • Volunteers planning is coming up next. Teri Hyrkas will be working with the dance committee on soliciting volunteers.
  • The dance is Friday November 10th at Sandberg, 6-8pm. We can get in to set up at 5:30pm.
  • DJ and photo booth will be available. We are also going to have a sensory-friendly room.

Junior Navigators

  • Robyn Awend spoke about a potential new after-school group at SEA. Goal today is to gauge interest and see if there is either participation or organizing interest from parents.
  • Navigators USA. It is an alternative to the Boy/Girl scouts. Juniors is the elementary component. Their core mission is to help kids get outside, and they do a variety of related events and activities. Navigators USA is an all gender, secular scouting movement that welcomes all people — children and adults, no matter what gender, race, lifestyle, ability, religious or lack of religious belief.

President’s Report – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

www.seapta.org – Parent Resources available!

  • Jen Jamar put together a revamped website (see address above). Encourage everyone to take a look and visit!
  • Parent resources on Bullying on the seapta.org website
  • Other ways PTA communicates to parents: all school emails, SEA School Facebook page, SEA Parents Facebook page, thursday electronic folder

Culver’s Dine Out Night – October 24th

  • Next Tuesday is our Culver’s fundraiser. Both takeout and dine-in are included for us, and gift cards are included! The PTA usually takes in about $100 from the fundraiser.
  • Volunteer slots are almost spoken for – great response. Kids will come home with a sticker and there will be a poster coming home as well to publicize.

Pumpkin Drop prize update

  • In past we gave out cookies on pumpkin drop day. Because of allergies and such we purchased pencils from the PTA to distribute instead. For Valentine’s day we will look for an alternative idea as well, as we gave out cookies for that event as well.

ECFE Kindergarten Information Night – Dec. 6th, 5-7pm – Volunteer needed

  • ECFE is hosting an info night. They are looking for families who (preferably) went through ECFE to come to their information night and represent SEA. Lindsey K. volunteered to represent the school at the event.

Box Tops September Update

  • Update on box tops – a reminder that this is our largest clip and save program this year. We have a prize every month for students, and there is an app available that gives out extra box tops — it is very simple to use. Spread the word to other parents. (ex: Buy 5 Lysol products and get 100 box tops).
  • We are also doing two other clip and save programs this year – Amazon Smile and Shoparoo.

STEAM Night coming up

  • The pizza is the PTA’s big contribution for this event. Pizza and lemonade.
  • Considering doing a fundraiser at the STEAM night for lego league — two fundraisers considering this — Lularoe and Tastefully Simple. Proceeds from these fundraisers will go towards Lego Robotics.

5th grade graduation

  • Carol Kline is looking for another 5th grade parent who can volunteer to coordinate planning with her. Please contact her or the PTA if interested.

New Business/Open Discussion

  • Speakers – we are interested in getting speakers at events. Please forward suggestions or advice on speakers to the PTA.



  • September Budget Report
  • PTA Volunteer Form

Next Meeting: Monday, November 13, 6:00-8:00pm in the SEA Kin Lab. FREE childcare is available!

Guest speakers: 3rd Grade teachers

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