11/13/17 Meeting Minutes

SEA PTA Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 13th, 2017 6-8pm
Recorded by Sandra Paddock, PTA Secretary

Welcome and Introductions – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

  • Adriane Heflin, PTA President, started the meeting and invited attendees to introduce themselves and share child(ren) who are at SEA.

Staff Presentation – 3rd Grade Teachers

  • The third grade teacher team (Ms. Wulff, Ms. Gellner and Ms. Schultz, along with two student teachers) discussed activities in the classrooms this fall and upcoming activities for the school year. Some highlights include:
    • Several field trips planned: Mpls Institute of Arts to talk about water, Arboretum, Orchestra Hall (funded by a Target Arts grant), SPPS Planetarium visit
    • Third grade science units – lights, plants, space
    • BEEF – economics unit that is for product development (create, sell, profit, buy)
    • Arts – Third graders attend presentation of a Cooper / Armstrong play
  • Q&A time – discussed homework in the third grade. Focus is more on long-term project versus weekly homework. Example: long reading assignment / book report, instrument building, etc. Goal of homework in third grade is to make home connections and focus is on process instead of busywork.

Principal’s Report – Heather Hanson, Principal

  • Note: Dr. Hanson finished her doctorate this month – huzzah!
  • Cabinet meeting – this quarter is Dr. Hanson’s cabinet rotation at the district level.
  • Last month’s events included the anti-bullying run, pumpkin drop, school dance
  • Upcoming events: STEAM night with music program (3rd grade)
  • Construction updates: progress continues. The outside work is completed. Work continues inside on several mechanical items: e.g. boilers, HVAC, server room space, etc. We will be having ongoing renovation over the course of the next several years. Goal of renovations are modernizing & space improvements versus adding new sections of class — we will stay at 3 rooms per grade versus expanding to 4, for example.

Student Clubs – Cara Rieckenberg, Program Director & Kelley DeLa Cruz, Assistant Principal

  • Ms. DeLaCruz and Dr. Rieckenberg presented on SEA student groups:
    • Patrols (Ms. DeLa Cruz). We have two patrols on Kelly Dr. each day, which are covered by 4th and 5th grade patrollers. Patrols are recruited in spring from 3rd and 4th graders.

There is a celebration mid-year and end-of-year for the kids to recognize leadership &

service. The patrol program encourages leadership – model for students, make good choices, lead by example, etc.

  • Dr. Rieckenberg presented three leadership-focused clubs. All of these clubs elect participants from the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms.
    • Student council – 3rd and 4th grade students are involved in these leadership roles. There were elections in classrooms before MEA, with first meeting coming next week.
    • Jr. Naturalist – first meeting last week, along with training on feeding the chickens. Also in charge of chick landing, where sunflower and safflower seeds are placed.
    • FuelUp 360 – Group started last year, and is focused on healthy living and fitness. Will plan how to spend the recent grant from the NFL.
  • Dr. Rieckenberg also presented about other clubs:
    • Knitting club – 4th and 5th graders, meets one morning a week.
    • Chess club – K-5th. Meets Wed. immediately after school 45-50 kids.
    • Lego Team – 4th and 5th graders participate in First Lego League. They are a bit more hard-core and start the first week of school. Junior First Lego League –

K-3rd, which is totally different — focus is building to a challenge and more focused on process and is less competitive. Both require problem-solving, collaboration and design process thinking.

    • Destination Imagination – N/A – no parent leader volunteered to run this year
    • Directed projects – These are “clubs” proposed and organized by the kids, and can vary from year to year. The intent was a service project or fill a need to showcase work. Last year there was some splintering of clubs, and the goal would be to Student Council will be providing direction with Dr. Rieckenberg on improving the structure and address some of the ways clubs are

Treasurer Report

  • Adriane Heflin gave the treasurer’s report on behalf of Treasurer Julie Johnson, who was unable to attend the meeting. Some highlights:
    • Culver’s – $500 raised, which meets entire budget goal of dine-out nights for the year.
    • Fun Run check – will receive just over $7,000 from the Get Movin’ Crew.
    • Most or exceeded most of our fundraising goals for the year to-date.
    • Section 3, staff report — PTA has purchased about $5,000 worth of equipment this year for SEA teachers and staff.
    • Annual audit has successfully been completed for the year.

Committee Reports

SEA Dance Update

  • Great attendance at the dance – planning and execution was smooth and event enjoyable.
  • Volunteer sign-up were light but Armstrong/Cooper students volunteered and helped a great deal. We hope to use them again for other events in the future.
  • Glow items had many defective items, which should be reviewed for next year’s dance. Krystal has been following up with the Hoping to get $92 back due to defective products.
  • $345 sold on food/glow items and $902 spent on the event.
  • Discussion and feedback for next year:
    • Sensory room was appreciated, but it seemed like there could be a place to chill out. It may have turned less “sensory” and more “chill-out” room. It was nice to have another space but may have turned out to be less “sensory”. Also could improve the signage.
    • Suggestion to expand dance activities without losing the dance — e.g. providing an activity related to a theme (like this year’s sports) in gym to “give a break”.
    • Sandburg was very spread out — if we use again we need more coordinator volunteers.

WAY Committee Update

  • Committee meeting scheduled to plan for upcoming activities — Saturday 11/18 at 9am, Golden Valley Library.

President’s Report – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

Give to the Max Day – November 16th

  • Thursday November 16th is Minnesota’s Give to the Max day, which is a statewide fundraising day for non-profits across the state. The SEA PTA is doing a fundraiser for Give to the Max — please share the links via social media and with family.

Culver’s Dine Out Night – October 24th

  • $500 raised!
  • Feedback from Culver’s was that it was the smoothest, best night yet for them. It was also the biggest night of fundraising this year of any school.
  • May organize 1-2 additional Culver’s nights — e.g. late April.
  • Culver’s is the only dine-out night we have a volunteer coordinator for this year. If there is a parent interested in coordinating other restaurants please contact Adriane Heflin.

Box Tops October Update

  • We have raised 6600 box tops. We are on track for reaching our 30,000 boxtop goals for the year. The top fundraising class to-date is Ms. Gellner’s class, who have collected over 1500 boxtops. Adriane reminded the group that classes do win prizes for reaching milestones and goals — for example, Ms. Gellner’s class has won an extra recess and a popcorn party this month.
  • Some ideas for other boxtop collecting were discussed: modify little free library, post on Kelly Dr. facebook page, put box on porch and ask neighbors for boxtops.

STEAM Night – November 30th

  • The staff run it mostly, with Lindsay Kooperman assisting with food purchasing. One feedback from last year is having pizza not run out — probably order ⅔ right away and the last ⅓ .
  • Volunteers will be needed. We may have volunteers with Cooper’s NHS as well. Lindsay will coordinate with Teri Hyrkas to assist with volunteer recruitment.
  • Fundraising tables – Nicole Ewert (Adventure Club) will have a table for Tastefully Simple at STEAM night & will donate 15% of total party sales to the SEA PTA on sales at STEAM night. In addition, Dr. Hanson has had a couple of other requests for other tables (w/ similar fundraising breakdowns, e.g. Scentsy). Fundraiser link: https://www.tastefullysimple.com/p/11204900.

Activity Night suggestions

  • No one has signed up this year to do activity nights (e.g. paint night, Nickelodeon Universe night). The focus of these events is social/community building or as a small fundraising event.
  • A call for volunteers was made. If no one is interested, we would skip organizing these for year. Krystal, Cara and Heather expressed interest and will follow up together to discuss the feasibility of an event like Coach Purse Bingo.
  • A suggestion was made to research Turkey Bingo, the event Neill runs each year. This is a very popular community event Neill and well-attended.

Scholastic Warehouse December volunteer dates

  • During December SEA parents can volunteer at the Scholastic Warehouse, and receive payment in the form of Scholastic dollars. These can be donated to SEA. Sale dates: December 6-16th.

Spirit Wear update

  • Spirit Wear was delivered. We will do another one in the spring. Jessica Ledoux is coordinating and will take feedback/suggestions if anyone has some ideas.

Other items

  • SEA Directories — coming out soon for SEA family contact information
  • Membership forms – We encourage everyone to become a PTA member. Forms are available on seapta.org or at PTA meetings. You can also email SEA PTA anytime to inquire.
  • December meeting – Previously discussed having a meeting offsite for December. Decision was made to have a separate mixer and keep the meeting at SEA.

New Business/Open Discussion

  • FYI – Turkey calling for Kindergarteners will happen tomorrow.
  • Discussion of the no monkey bars until 3rd grade playground rule. Principal Hanson clarified this is a district policy, and not a SEA policy.


  • Next meeting: Tuesday, December 5th 2017 6:00 – 8:00pm. Location at SEA. Will be a potluck.


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