12/5/17 Meeting Minutes

SEA PTA Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 6-8pm
Recorded by Sandra Paddock, PTA Secretary

Welcome and Introductions – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

  • Adriane Heflin, PTA President, started the meeting and invited attendees to introduce themselves and share child(ren) who are at SEA.

Staff Presentation – 2nd Grade Teachers

  • Mr. Johnson – Overview of 2nd grade math. Stick to the 2nd grade standards. Start each year talk about math “norm” — errors are ok, we have strategies for figuring things out, etc. Covered to-date: addition and subtraction up to 1000, modeling real-life situations. Rest of year: multiplication and division, money, time, fractions, calendar math.
  • Ms. McDonald – Overview of 2nd grade science. Each day cover weather — how it is changing, analyze data monthly. Force of motions and plants, solids and gasses. Upcoming – landmark research project & weather report. Will be looking for parent volunteers to help with researching – hard for second graders to do the research.
  • Ms. Larson – Reading and writing overview. Daily 5 framework is used. Read and write to self, listening to reading, partner reading, etc. Flexible groupings based on assessment and what kids needs. Upcoming is end of year activity of ice cream shop – where students run the shop, write resumes and apply for “jobs”, run and select a charity to donate the funds to.
  • Field trip updates – three experiences planned this year. Arboreaum (sapping, social studies/history, weather). Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and the Lorax at the Children’s Theatre. Also the Cole Center will come and do a dance residency. In past years we have gone to Como Zoo, but this year we didn’t get accepted.

Principal’s Report – Heather Hanson, Principal

  • STEAM Night – successful event, busy classrooms, good turnout.
  • Wednesday mornings – professional learning time for staff and teachers prior to school starting. This is a district-wide conversation. Lately discussing vision and mission, what our core values are are professionals, etc. Key values that have been focus of discussion: strong community, growth mindset, inquiry-based learning.
  • Evaluation and growth – observing in classrooms questions teachers and students are asking each other in the classroom. Working on depth of knowledge questioning, providing effective feedback, and other areas.

Treasurer Report

  • Adriane Heflin reports on behalf of Julie Johnson this month. Fun Run total is just over $12,000 this year, which means we exceeded our goals for the year. We are doing well on fundraising goals.

Committee updates

STEAM Night Report

  • Lindsay Koopmann updated- went very well. This is mostly teacher run and organized, and the PTA organizes the pizza room. Lori Baldwin provided the sign design.
  • Report on lessons and notes for next year
    • We had 2 pizza lines this year, which helped a lot.
    • Tickets – wondering if we need them or not. We may be able to get rid of them next year (discussion: we can ditch them and do a tally). Still do the RSVPs. Tally at the door was over 400.
    • Suggestion – if we could have compost and recycling bins it would be a good idea.
    • $184 in donations. Event costs about $1400-$1500 with pizza.
    • The high school volunteers were great (Cooper and Armstrong).

WAY Committee Update

  • Beverage and snack bar – Jan 19th (Chris Laumann updates)
    • Caribou – donated a 5-gallon bin of coffee, donut holes, and a donation for a parfait bar for the teachers (granola, yogurt, etc.). Question: good time for this? Feedback is 8:00 dropoff would be great.
    • Also considering a gift (SEA decal, mug, something like that).
  • Teacher Appreciation Week – staff notes (Tanya Laumann update)
    • Adding a parent note collection for this year. Vision: every grade/staff type has different type of note (tree, bird, etc.). Shared example of notes that would be made. These would be collected on at conference night in March and other events where parents will be.
    • Notes would be displayed on a large mural, laid out with the various shapes. We will need to find a spot for it to be displayed.
  • Suggestion – consider sending a teacher survey around to ask for preferences, interests, etc.

President’s Report – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

Give to the Max Day Update

  • Raised over $1000 on GIve to the Max Day.

Box Tops November Update

  • December check is $1273.40 for box tops.

ic Warehouse 12/6 – 12/16 & February Read-a-thon

  • Most of Scholastic sign-ups have been filled, but link is on Facebook page. They may be soliciting some volunteers.
  • Meeting with Read-a-Thon chairs to purchase books for February book giveaway. Also going to
  • Question – do we want to change our fundraising platform? Discussed positives of staying with same one.

Movie Night – 1/26/18

  • Liz – Secured screen for the movie, and will be using personal projector. Speakers are a need — could rent a speaker for $50. May be able to get one for free. Chris Laumann said he has a portable speaker we can use (Jan 26th).
  • Need volunteers to pop popcorn all day. Starts at 9am. 2 set up in the morning and 1 every hours to switch out.

FPI Testers, Shoparoo, Amazon Smile – Don’t forget about these programs!

New Business/Open Discussion

  • 5th grade graduation – looking for some help.
  • All about kindergarten night – at New Hope Learning Center Dec 6th. Tabling with info about SEA
  • Families that need support – the staff “adopts” some SEA families during the holidays that need some help for gifts and other items. Heather Hanson asked if a $500 donation to that can be donated to the PTA, so that a tax-exempt letter can be generated. Membership confirmed this is OK.
  • Next meeting will discuss Earth Day. Questions – does anyone have connections with a nursery or home improvement company? Discussed ideas: extension department, Golden Valley garden club, local hardware stores, etc.


  • Next meeting: Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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