1/15/18 Meeting Minutes

SEA PTA Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 15, 2018
Recorded by Sandra Paddock, PTA Secretary

Welcome and Introduction – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

  • Adriane welcomed parents and teachers to the meeting.
  • Everyone introduced themselves by stating their name, grade of their child(ren), and their child(ren)’s teacher

Welcome and Introductions – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

Staff Presentation – 4th Grade Teachers

  • Mr Wulff and Ms. Gentry presented highlights on the 4th grade curriculum and current school year
    • SNOW – The snowflake term is in progress. Highlight grit and perseverance as values.
    • PROSTHETICS – In the next couple of weeks the kids will start the prosthetics unit. One of the most creative units in 4th grade, and it is always exciting for the kids. Study of how prosthetics have changed over time and the current technology and design. Discussion on how people and bodies change over time, and cost factors to making and receiving a prosthetic ($250k on average!). Design process, problem solving, and group work are highlights of the unit. Over the past years they have been developing integrated units on topics — astronauts life in space, snow, water, “write a Wonder”, robots unit.
    • ENGINEERING BOARDS – A big culminating project in May for the 4th graders. Kids will discuss what makes a quality project, discussion of presentations. A good warmup for the Science Showcase in 5th grade.
    • Emphasize 4th graders can do things, solve problems and change the world.
    • ROCKS & MINERALS – Unit will start in February. 4th and 5th grade teachers plan together. Every other year — next year is electricity.
    • ENVIRONMENT – Bassett Creek visits in beginning of year and in May.
    • MATH – Graphing in 4th grade, do temperatures all year long. Multi-digit multiplication and long division, fractions, LCM and GCM, factors, algebra and decimals and other topics. We use Math in Focus curriculum, and it is atypically a little more rigorous (the tests may not be 4th grade concepts on the test questions). Continental math is used for students who are exceeding the standards, and other differentiation methods are used for kids working towards the standards.

Principal’s Report – Heather Hanson, Principal

  • Substitutes – Heather talked a bit about how the substitute teachers work and what happens when multiple needs come up at the last minute.
  • Curriculum – Cross-district planning. In Math what we do different is science-based project learning. We also differentiate with having Dr. Rickenberg as STEAM coordinator here at SEA.
  • MAP testing is coming up soon as well.

Treasurer Report – Julie Johnson, PTA Treasurer

  • Adriane Heflin gave the budget report update on her behalf of Julie Johnson.
  • Good news – we made almost $19k as a PTA. As a goal we wanted $40k and need to do $30k, so we are doing well. We have some key fundraisers coming up. Thank you for keeping the momentum and supporting the school!
  • We paid the $500 fee for the Get Movin’ Crew to use the online fundraising for another year (2 events – Fun Fun in fall and Love to Read night in winter).

Movie Night Update – Liz Hurley & Lindsay Koopmann (1/26/18)

  • Everything is pretty much done. The flyer was on the electronic folder last Thursday. We have movie theaters donating popcorn so we don’t need to pop it this year (yay!).
  • We have requested Cooper and Armstrong HS volunteers (getting signed up for them). We will also be setting out a donation bucket and set up the Lost and Found.

Read-a-thon Update – Meghan Touchet & Joy Wright

  • Things are progressing with planning.
  • We are using the Get Movin’ Crew again. We will make an effort to encourage online versus paper registrations. Talking about putting out a kiosk for signup on the Get Movin’ Crew at the pancake breakfast to encourage registration and help.
  • This year we want to emphasize reading portion of the read-a-thon. To do this, we will rebalance the prizes for both reading and fundraising at multiple levels (versus only fundraising).
  • To emphasize reading minutes, we will sync up the goal with what we actually ask the kids (school goal has been 250k, but we ask kids to go over 320k). So the new all-school goal will be 300k minutes, and there will be a half-day fun goal for the kids if it is reached.
  • School goal is $15,000 this year, and student goal is about $100. Superstar will be $250. If $15k goal is met, Hanson and DeLaCruz have offered to get wet but not to dunk tank this year. It’s now “beat the bucket” which is an overhead bucket dunk versus a dropping person. $25k is the stretch goal and Dr. Rieckenberg will skydive if we reach that goal.
  • All students will receive a book and bookmark. Does the PTA provide the bookmarks? Answer- PTA will get them. Books will distribute on 2/28 at the end of the month. We were able to use Scholastic Dollars for the books, and spent just over $1700 in Scholastic Dollars.
  • Each class reaching their reading goal for month gets a popcorn party. The class with the most minutes each week earns extra kin lab.
  • Top 3 fundraising students get to pick SEA staff they want to be for a day. Top reader in each grade will earn a Kindle Fire.

Pancake/BINGO Breakfast Update – Kate Antonenko & Teresa Anderson

  • Donations – Half of coffee donated so far.  More will come in later this week. May get Gogurt donated, but otherwise will purchase from Costco
  • Team McDaniel is being contacted for support in the lunchroom.  But SEA volunteers and teachers will handle kitchen duties.
  • Could use a couple more volunteers to help set up Friday evening. Will contact Chuck to let him know and will ask Teri H to help do a signup.
  • Saturday morning before the teachers got here, we had some pancake making parents come early. We could use four or five volunteers to make some pancakes, between 7-9am.
  • Recycling – Heather will talk with Dr. Rickenberg to help coordinate with Chuck.

President’s Report – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

  • Call for new PTA Board Members
    • Vice President – Jen Jamar chose to resign from the board due to personal reasons. We have an open position and see if someone would like to be willing to do it.
    • Nissa Mollema has volunteered. Vote taken by acclamation and approved Congratulations Nissa!
  • Looking for Accounting help
    • Julie is looking for some help with accounting. This would be someone who can take over eventually and start learning about the accounting and how to do this year w/o being official. We would appreciate any referrals or recommendations on parents who may want to help out.
  • Spring Fling Committee Meeting
    • Major change is doing the raffle differently this year. It’s a lot of work to solicit the businesses randomly. Instead, we will put out themes and ask for donations from parents, and then we will do baskets around themes.
    • Spring Fling committee Jan 27 @ 10:30am, location TBD. You are invited to come and help plan out.
  • Looking for new Webmaster for www.seapta.org website
    • Jen Jamar had this responsibility, and handed it off to Mykl Roventine.
    • We are looking for help if it is available to continue with updates.
  • Ideas for activity nights/dine out nights

New Business/Open Discussion

  • Earth Day – we will talk about at next month’s meeting.
  • Seven Dreams Foundation – Robbinsdale schools foundation that Heather Hanson is involved in. They offer “mini grants” that go towards the teachers. At SEA, books for the library and the greenhouse have been funded, and technology have been applied to. The Bird Bash is coming up and costs $50 a plate at the old Northland Inn. Go online and purchase the tickets and learn more about the foundation. Feb 10th.
  • Carol Kline is heading up the 5th grade graduation and picnic and is looking for some help. We will also look for non-5th grade parents to help with the events. More to come!

Meeting Adjourned at 8pm

  • Attendees: See tracking workbook on Google Drive
  • Next meeting: Monday February 5th at SEA 6-8pm. Childcare is provided for free.

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