2/5/18 Meeting Minutes

SEA PTA Meeting Minutes
Monday, February 5, 2018 6-8pm
Recorded by Sandra Paddock, PTA Secretary

Welcome and Introduction – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

  • Adriane welcomed parents and teachers to the meeting.
  • Everyone introduced themselves by stating their name, grade of their child(ren), and their child(ren)’s teacher

Staff Presentation – Staff Presentation – 1st Grade Teachers, EL Teachers

First grade (Ms. Callen and Ms. Kreifels)

  • Ms. Callen and Ms. Kreifels presented about first grade at SEA. Big new for first grade is that they finished the rock unit.
  • Pringle Challenge – design a container that one Pringle could withstand USPS mail. Unit required research into USPS machines and mailing chips back and forth with a school in Owatonna. This is the first year they did the challenge.
  • Ms. Callen’s class finished a unit on Lego WeDo, and the other classes will do the unit soon. Involves building a project and then coding them. Some examples: a lion that roared and sat down, a money that drummed.
  • Animal switch – focus on the animal families is a big thing for the first graders. The first grade teachers split up a group of six animal families (e.g. reptiles, insects).
  • Math – most have finished numbers up to 20. Applying to real-world situations currently, then move on to numbers up to 40.
  • Reading – genre reading is currently on humor, which is a BIT hit.
  • Field trips – Children’s Museum (the Lorax).

EL teacher (Ms. Krissy Querring)

  • Work with English language learners on EA. Currently servicing 33 students K-5. There are 10 different languages, with Spanish most prevalent language.
  • Try to cluster ELL students in a single classroom, so they can be together. Third grade is clustered into two classrooms because that’s the class with the most students.

Principal’s Report – Heather Hanson, Principal

  • Kindergarten information night
    • Kindergarten information night was held last Thursday. Big crowd came out, despite the rescheduled night due to snow.
    • The Student Council welcomed parents into the school, and presented information about the school as well.
    • Note on cookies: 180 (3 packages of 60) cookies will be sufficient for next year.
    • Early may – We will have another open house for the families that are drawn to append SEA. At that event the PTA serves cake to new families, and we will One idea is to ask Student Council to help out.
  • The superintendent is looking for PreK-K-1 grade parents to meet Friday February 9th from 7:30-8:30am in the morning. Heather suggested they may be able to send some names and reschedule for another day. Heather will follow up on Facebook and see about a good timing for the meeting.
    • Kelly DeLaCruz – MAP testing 2 to 5 is currently underway. SEcond grade testing is optional, and SEA has opted to do it. It gives us data and helps us target kids. Parents will get MAP results at the spring conferences.
    • MCAs are coming in April as well. Next month we can talk about some strategies to get ready for the testing.
    • Reading Corps – we have 2 tutors currently that serve 2nd and 3rd grade students who need a little extra “boost”. This is sponsored through Americorps, and they will recruit for participants.

Treasurer Report – Julie Johnson, PTA Treasurer

Adriane Heflin gave the report on behalf of Julie Johnson
Not a large update from last gift, but we did deposit some gifts this part month. Thanks parents!

Read-a-thon Update – Meghan Touchet & Joy Wright

  • Adriane Helfin gave the report on behalf of the committee. We just passed $3000.
  • We have only 74 registered online. Online makes a huge difference so please encourage parents to sign up and get online.
  • Family minutes – they count for the school but not the prizes for most reading.
  • Discussion – how can we tie the fundraising to the reading goals? Maybe help with a description of the read-a-thon to help parents edit the description?

Pancake/BINGO Breakfast Update – Kate Antonenko & Teresa Anderson

  • Health inspector signed off
  • Costco pancakes and sausage accounted for
  • Gogurt donated
  • Caribou is donating the coffee
  • We will have a registration kiosk 9-10 and 10-11 for the
  • We need to get volunteers for both teacher pancakes and pre-breakfast parent volunteers.
  • Kate will contact Don and let them know parents are coming early in the morning.

Earth Day (Robin Awend and Angela Dirks)

  • Very excited to plan for 1st ever SEA Earth Day. Earth Day itself is April 22nd (Sunday).
  • Have been working with Dr. Rieckenberg to develop a flexible curriculum for the two weeks leading up to Earth Day. Goal is to give classroom ideas but not prescribe because classrooms are pretty busy this time of year. Some samples of what is included: writing prompt (“I will help the earth by ____”), signs around the school, lunch menu renaming with Lorax names, earth-friendly book displayed.
  • Note: there won’t be a Saturday event separate – it’s something to support during the two weeks leading up to Earth Day on 4/22.

March Teacher Conferences – WAY & Book Fair (Tom Kintop and Sandra Paddock)

Book Fair

  • Book Fair signup is live on Signup, but not published yet to Facebook. Feel free to sign up now if you know you have time. We are always looking for volunteers for this one and need help!
  • The theme this year is “paws to read”.
  • Since this is our 2nd fair of the year we get a bonus. We will go and get cash from the spring and the remainder of the fall fair.
  • Had a meeting with our rep and asked about getting more science and coding/programming titles. She’s looking into both of these. We should also have a better selection because the fall book fairs are more popular and at the same time — easier for Scholastic to deliver a good mix of books. Suggestion – ask for the Lorax and some Earth Day / environment titles.
  • We will also have some “bargain books” because we have low-income students that will be $1. Scholastic picks up the remainder of the costs for us.


  • Working on conference meal sign-up – started the signup.com forms. They are hidden for now but should be up in about a week. We usually try to get signups out by about 20 days out, so we’re on schedule.
  • We will also be working on teacher appreciation cards at conferences — gathering them from parents. We will need some volunteers for this and will put a call out for this as well.
  • WAY meeting coming up Tuesday 2/13 @ 6pm. Please contact spseapta@gmail.com if you would like to join us! We are welcoming of new members!

President’s Report – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

Movie Night Recap

  • Good evening, went well. One feedback item is language in the movie — need to vet the movies before voting for the movie.
  • We served leftover cookies from information night, and it was a good time.

Chipotle Fundraiser – March 20th

  • Meghan Touchet organized. It’s the one on Broadway in Crystal. We need $3k of money but then we get 50% of the sales.

Pi Day Pies requested

  • Stephanie Nagel has requested the pies for Pi Day.

Valentine’s Day

  • We used to give cookies for V-Day for the kids, but instead the PTA designed a sticker for the kids. They will receive it on Valentine’s Day.

Spring Fling Committee Meeting – Raffle

  • Next committee meeting is Feb 18th from 330-5pm. Location TBD.
  • We will be talking about the raffle.
  • Food Trucks – any suggestions are welcomed.

Ideas for activity nights/dine out nights

  • Culver’s Night – Teri is working on it. Maybe late Feb/early March, hoping to squeeze them in.
    Davanni’s – Sandra Paddock might try and call about a setting up a dine out night.

New Business/Open Discussion

  • Tanya – suggested buttons for Valentine night — take the stickers and make buttons. One idea Adriane has is to give the stickers out but then make buttons and sell them at the Spring Fling (we’re getting 1000 stickers but only need 500 stickers)
  • Next year – come March/April we need to think about who will be our committee chairs and board members. Elections happen at the May meeting.


  • Attendees: See tracking workbook on Google Drive
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 6, 2018
  • FREE Childcare is provided at all PTA meetings! Feel free to bring your kids to the meetings – there is a supervised place for them to play while we meet.


  • PTA Meeting Agenda
  • January Budget Report
  • PTA Volunteer Form

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