3/6/18 Meeting Minutes

SEA PTA Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Recorded by Sandra Paddock, PTA Secretary

Welcome and Introduction – Adriane Heflin, PTA President

  • Adriane welcomed parents and teachers to the meeting.
  • Everyone introduced themselves by stating their name, grade of their child(ren), and their child(ren)’s teacher

Principal’s Report – Heather Hanson, Principal (Cara Rieckenberg presented on behalf of Heather Hanson)

  • Dr. Rieckenberg presented on upcoming activities in March at SEA.
  • Google expedition com – This is a virtual reality activity. Will be a 1-5 grade activity (no K). SEA will beta test a product that will project a 3d image projection technology.
  • 3/9 – Fifth-grade students will attend a trout in the classroom symposium, which will pull from several other schools. Trout units are going well and have been very successful.
  • 3/14 – pi day. We have procured the pies. Different classrooms will have different activities for this day.
  • 3/16 – Junior Achievement Day. US Bank volunteers will come here and do community economics & banking lessons.
  • 3/21 – 3rd graders go to Arboreum.
  • 3/22 – afternoon will be the half-day fun day reward for the SEA school as a whole.
  • 3/23 – 2nd graders to go Arboreum for field trips.
  • Design school for 4th grade upcoming in March as well. A group of interior designers will come in an teach how they mock up and the design process.
  • On SEA website is the testing schedule. Please consult them, because MCAs will be shortly after spring break and coming up quickly.
  • Dr. Rieckenberg is also working with the second graders on sowing seeds in gallon buckets to sell at the Spring Fling. Money raised will go towards chicken feed and supplies.

Treasurer Report – Julie Johnson, PTA Treasurer

  • Adriane Heflin gave the budget report update on behalf of Julie Johnson.
  • Treasury is looking good. Some highlights:
    • Fundraising is going well. We are close to goal on Amazon budget. Direct donations are coming in here and there. $115 on directory advertising came in as well.
    • Dr. Rieckenberg commented on STEAM integration budget line has been very helpful. For example: STEM literacy for kindergarten, materials for rube goldberg machines for the 3rd graders, etc.

Read-a-thon Wrap up – Meghan Touchet & Joy Wright

  • Many of our goals were met, which is summarized on an email sent out today.
  • Our school total minutes were over our SEA-wide goal (including for parents and friends). This was up from prior years — emphasizing reading prizes correlated to higher
  • Eight classrooms earned a popcorn party (almost half of the classrooms).
  • Our total is a bit over $12k. For comparison, last year’s readathon was $13k in winter 2017, and for the fun run was $13k in fall 2017.
  • The average student (who turned in any fundraising) raised about $120. Average online was $131, while in-school is $60.
  • The PTA group discussed fundraising in general, and approaches for next year. Have 1 versus 2 large fundraisers – pro versus con, other fundraising tactics (sending letters to parents at beginning of year, etc.).
    • Facebook fundraisers – there was a suggestion to look at this for a PTA fundraiser. These are free to set up for organizations and it my be another vehicle we can set up
    • Also may be able to set up a link from the SEA PTA page to a Facebook donation site.
    • Another idea – incentives and prizes for teachers to help promote the readathon.
  • Our PTA internal goal was $8k, so we far outpaced that goal. Thanks and kudos to Meghan and Joy for their awesome organization and dedication!

Earth Day / Earth Week Celebration Update – Robyn Awend

  • The week leading up to Earth Day (April 16th week) we will have fun curriculum ideas for all grade levels at SEA. We will post resources on a Google Drive to share and use (at the teacher’s discretion).
  • Theme tie-in with The Lorax (K-1-2 will be seeing the play at the CDC this spring). The Junior Naturalists are working on jokes and tips for Earth Day. Activities include Earth Day engagement with the students — for example, they will be shared on SEA News the week before Earth Day.
  • Another activity is locating seeds for each SEA students & send home on the Friday of Earth Week, with the goal of engaging families in environmental activities.

Teacher Conferences – WAY & Book Fair – Sandra Paddock & Tom Kintop

  • Scholastic Book Fair (Tom Kintop)
    • Book Fair will happen all three nights of conferences. We are short on volunteers — the signups are out there. Mostly running the cash registers, which are easy to run.
    • Books are to be delivered on the 8th. Tuesday, Thursday & Monday 4-8 each night.
  • WAY Committee (Sandra Paddock)
    • Signups in progress for the WAY donations – both setup and takedown volunteers and food items. Please sign up if you are able to.
  • WAY Committee (Tanya Laumann)
    • There will be cards in shapes by grade for writing a brief note of appreciation to teachers and staff. We will be collecting them to use during Appreciation Week in May.
    • We need help with getting cards distributed to parents — the right card shape per grade, collect the cards as they are filled out, etc. In particular help is needed on Thursday.

Spring Fling Update – Nissa Mollema & Lori Baldwin

  • Gift baskets — we will be soliciting donations for the entire month of March. The themes are going to be assigned out for each class. Each class will have a different theme, and parents will sign up to donate items on signup.com. The goal is to have 2 baskets from each class.
  • Other activities include food truck, trail kids, inflatables, Mad Science, etc.

PTA President’s Update – Adriane Heflin

  • Pancake/BINGO Recap – went well. Thanks to Maple Grove Costco for a $50 donation. We went through more than 340 plates.
  • Night of the Arts – Volunteers needed
  • Culver’s Night Recap (Feb 27th) – successful fundraiser, raised $450. We will have another one on  April 24th as well.
  • Chipotle Fundraiser (March 20th) – Have to show the flyer when order. Does not cover gift card purchases. But they give 50% of sales. We have to get $300 in sales. Cannot stand outside the door — will reserve right to revoke entire fundraiser. 5-9pm, on Bass Lake and Broadway in Crystal (NOT the Golden Valley one). Can show flyer on phone.
  • Davanni’s Fundraiser (May 3rd) – Fundraiser goes 4-9pm. Dine in or takeout (not delivery). SEA will have the party room available to us the entire night as part of the fundraiser, and we get 20% of sales. Show flyer (on phone or paper copy OK), but they will also accept a verbal notification if someone does not bring in the flyer.
  • Spirit wear – Jessica and Amanda are working with Letterman Sports on this one.
  • Yearbook – waiting on the all-school photo and some candid photos from teachers. Deadline is the 9th of March (this week) for purchase one.
  • Next year’s officers elections are coming up in May. Keep thinking about interest in running for the board for next school year. Please talk with Adriane on who is interested in being on committees and being on the board. Happy to ask questions off-line about anything and everything. We will bring a signup sheet for committees and officer interest. We will have a meeting in June to talk about changing things up and have a say in the following year’s structures.

New Business/Open Discussion

  • Tanya Laumann bought a button making machine. So if anyone has a button to make for an event or prize we can do that! We will sell buttons at the Spring Fling made from Valentine’s Day stickers.

Meeting Adjourned at 8pm

  • Attendees: See tracking workbook on Google Drive
  • Next meeting: Monday April 16th at SEA 6-8pm. Childcare is provided for free


  • March Agenda
  • February Budget Reconciliation

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